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As the moon completes another cycle, Michelin 1 Star Restaurant Yat Tung Heen is proud to present traditional Mid-Autumn mooncakes in a refined bamboo steamer, continuing Eaton HK’s commitment to sustainability.

This perfect gift nods to Hong Kong’s beloved yum cha tradition and references Hong Kong’s culture perfectly. With Bamboo needing no pesticides, no irrigation and rapid growth, it is also the perfect choice for everyone who is environmentally conscious. The Bamboo steamers are fully recyclable, reusable and once shared with friends and family, can be repurposed in a multitude of ways for cooking, as an attractive serving plate or a place for valued trinkets.

The delicious mooncake delicacies are presented within a uniquely Yat Tung Heen branded steamer, wrapped in attractive sleeves decorated with traditional Chinese ink paintings and the image of a full moon, symbolizing peace, joy and happiness. 


.Michelin One Star (2017-2020)
.South China Morning Post《 100 Top Tables 2020》
.Weekend Weekly Best-Ever Dining Awards 2020 - Cantonese Cuisine
.U Food Awards 2020 My Favourite Hotel Chinese Restaurant
.Masterchef Recommendation Restaurant
.DiningCity Best Chinese Restaurant

Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Traditional)